Any sports bar can serve food and put the game on a TV, but we want you to call The Kennedy Station your regular spot for years to come. What better way to do that, but to give you what you’re looking for?

We already have a few things on deck, but if you have an out of town team, or looking for something that no other sports bar has we want to know! 10 best ideas get a free drink coupon! Email us:, no limit on submissions, only rules are keep it clean and you can only win 2 free drinks per contest.

Here’s what you can plan on at The Kennedy Station:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket (you can always find the Broncos and the Giants with us, who else are you looking for?)
  • Most NHL, NBA, MLB, and UFC events
  • Great food! Lots of American classics with a twist, and awesome Venezuelan dishes!
  • 16 Taps of Colorado beer
  • Full bar featuring Colorado distilled products
  • Live music every week
  • Karaoke
  • Darts
  • Patio seating


Help us, help you! We’ll post the results next Friday, get your ideas in now!

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  • Bethany Hollenbeck says:

    Great people who work there and are down to earth. People who welcome you and know you by name and maybe what your drink is when you walk in.

  • Robert Jay Wileman says:

    Friendly.. service was very quick and knowledgeable for food comparison on the weekend! Great place to enjoy

  • Jack & Ann Dougherty says:

    Really Terrific food! Tried our Wednesday eve outing, and now Sunday brunch…Both were outstanding food, and served by friendly folks. And drink specials are a SCREAMING DEAL! Glad to see them finally open.

  • Bridgette Weston says:

    We used to have 1″ square cheese cubes! They were delicious.

  • Scott Brisco says:

    Food was fantastic, heavy potrion size. Open air feeling, friendly people. Will be back.

  • Cindy says:

    Id liked it first time i went good sloppy joes! But now everytime i try to stop when the liquor store is closed or about to close around midnight u guys r always closed. Also how do i get my free drinks?

  • Ty Johnson says:

    I LOVE The Kennedy Station! I have to say, great dining, not just great food! You have a dining experience that is worth repeating time and time again. If the food isn’t enough, look at the service. AMAZING! They can be busy and your glass does not skip a beat. I absolutely love this spot, and wish it years of success and good fortune, my dining pleasure depends on it! Cheers and gratitude for creating a new and higher standard for the food and service industry!

  • Lori Lipford says:

    I want to know when the live jazz bands are cuz my husband loves Jazz and I would love to take him there